"Kids like playing games,
but they LOVE playing games with you ."
Amber A.

Meet the Game Maker


Your kids like to play games, but they really love to play with YOU. 

Playing together is super fun, but in having fun, you are also encouraging your child to develop many the educational aspects of these simple, classic games. 


Games to Go by Mollydag Made has a new line of unique handmade wooden children's toys and games. These games are designed to be always on hand when you are on-the-go, ready to pull out when the going gets tough and the youngsters need to be entertained!


Kids love to play games, particularly with adults. Whilst the playing is super fun, I also aim to encourage the educational aspects of these simple, classic games. These natural wood pieces are especially designed for children's hands and through play they can improve a child's motor skills. Talking to the child about the different picture motifs stimulate the child's language, auditory and creative skills, as well as enhancing their fun of playing. Instructions come with each game and describe a range of game-play alternatives that will suit a wide age-range.


Wholesale inquiries welcome: GamesToGoAustralia@gmail.com


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